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W-8BEN Form

As an international investor or non-U.S. resident the W-8BEN form is an essential document for you. This page will guide you through the process of completing the W-8BEN form, helping you qualify for potential tax treaty benefits.


In the menu at the top right corner, select Welcome and then Settings.

Navigate to the profile section

After logging in, navigate to under the Account Profile section and click on Profile.
In the Profile section, click on the blue ‘i‘ icon.

Verify your personal information

After the pop-up window opens, click on Update Tax Forms on the bottom right.
Verify your personal information first. Then, click on Continue to proceed and update your tax form.

Update your tax forms

In Part II, indicate the country in which you are liable for taxes.
At the bottom of Part III, sign the form by entering your name exactly as it appears.

Finally, click on Continue at the bottom right to confirm your update.


What is the W-8BEN form and why is it important?

The W-8BEN form is crucial for individuals receiving income from U.S. sources who are not U.S. citizens or residents. It establishes foreign status and allows you to claim tax treaty benefits, qualifying for reduced or exempted tax rates to avoid double taxation. Providing the form to relevant parties helps prevent excessive withholding of taxes on your U.S.-source income, ensuring a lower amount is withheld from your U.S. investments.

What are tax treaty benefits?

Tax treaty benefits refer to the provisions outlined in tax treaties between the United States and foreign countries. These benefits can include reduced or exempted tax rates on certain types of income, such as dividends, interest, or royalties.

How often do I need to fill out the W-8BEN form?

You need to complete the W-8BEN form once, but it may require periodic updates or revisions based on changes in your circumstances. For example, if there are changes to your tax residency status or personal information, it is important to update the form accordingly.

Failure to submit the W-8BEN form may result in excessive tax withholding on your U.S.-source income. Without the form, the withholding agent or institution may be required to apply the default withholding rate, which could lead to higher taxes.

Can I claim tax treaty benefits without filling out the W-8BEN form?

No, the W-8BEN form is a necessary document to establish your foreign status and claim tax treaty benefits. Without a valid and completed form, you will not be able to take advantage of these benefits.

Do I need to consult a tax professional when filling out the W-8BEN form?

While we provide guidelines and support for filling out the form, it is always advisable to consult a tax professional or advisor familiar with international tax laws. They can help ensure compliance with both your home country’s tax regulations and the United States’ requirements.

Can I make changes to the W-8BEN form after submitting it?

Yes, if there are changes to your circumstances or the information provided on the form, you should update it accordingly. Follow the previous instructions to change your submitted form.