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Stock Yield Enhancement Program: Increase the return on your portfolio by lending your stocks and receiving interest. Take advantage of the Stock Yield Enhancement Program through LYNX.


In the menu at the top right corner, select Welcome and then Settings.

Select Stock Yield Enhancement Program

Search the left section for the Trading Section and then click on Stock Yield Enhancement Program.

Confirm and subscribe

You can now select and continue to subscribe to the program. Then, you will be presented a risk disclosure and ask to confirm it. Please acknowledge the warnings and sign by typing in your name as shown. Herewith, you enroll to the SYEP. The program is turned on the next business day.


How to unsubscribe from the program?

Follow the aforementioned steps to navigate to the Settings and then unsubscribe from within the settings section.

Is my account eligible to participate?

When the following conditions are met, accounts can participate:

  • Cash account with a minimum equity of $50,000 at the time of subscribing or an equivalent amount in another currency)
  • Margin account
Can I myself determine the stocks to be lent out?

The Stock Yield Enhancement Program does not guarantee that all eligible shares in a specific account will be lent. Certain securities may not have a market at an advantageous price, IB may not have access to a market with willing borrowers, or IB may choose not to lend your shares.