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Account Management

Client Portal

The Client Portal is an online platform that prioritizes seamless account management. From tracking balances and transaction history to facilitating easy fund transfers and providing comprehensive tax reporting tools.


Account Management

The Client Portal offers a range of advantages and tools focused on efficient account management:


Is the Client Portal related to the Client Zone?

The LYNX Client Zone is an organizational tool within the LYNX+ trading platform that supports communication between LYNX and its customers regarding updates and information. On the other hand, the Client Portal is an account management platform that enables clients to manage their brokerage accounts, such as depositing funds, accessing activity statements, and facilitating asset transfers.

Why is the Client Portal important for customers?

The Client Portal is vital for customers as it provides a centralized platform for managing payments, transfers, accessing reports, and allowing customers to easily update their personal information, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient account management and customization.

Can I use the Client Portal for trading?

Trading via Client Portal is not possible for LYNX clients.

We therefore always recommend that you use the proven and optimized trading platforms such as LYNX+ for trading.

Do I use the Client Portal to adjust my personal data?

Yes, you can use the Client Portal to adjust your personal data. The Client Portal typically provides options or settings that allow customers to update and manage their personal information, such as contact details, address, email, and other relevant data. This enables customers to maintain accurate and up-to-date information within their brokerage accounts.