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Change Name

If you have changed your name, it is important to update it in the Personal Information section of your Client Portal. To make this change, follow the steps below.


In the menu at the top right corner, select Welcome and then Settings.

Select Profile

Within the column Account Profile, select Profile Information.

Once you click on the Profile Information, a screen will appear showing your name. To edit your profile, simply click the pencil button located next to your name.

Fill in the new profile details and click on Continue until you receive confirmation that the change request is pending.

Upload a new Proof of Identity

After completing your request, we require a new Proof of Identity to confirm your name change. Kindly notify us via email about your name change, so that we can send you a request to submit a copy of your ID through LYNX+ Client Zone. (local adjustments needed for final versions)


Do I need to provide any documents to confirm my name change?

Yes, after completing the name change request, we require a new Proof of Identity to confirm the change. To submit the necessary documents, please follow these steps:

  • Notify us about your name change by sending an email to our customer service.
  • Once we receive your notification, we will send you a request through the LYNX+ Client Zone portal to submit a copy of your ID.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the request to upload the required Proof of Identity.

Note: If you have any further questions or need assistance during this process, please contact our customer service for prompt help. (local adjustments needed for final versions)

Which document do you accept as a Proof of Identity?

We accept copies of a valid passport or both sides of an ID card as proof of identity. Please note that we do not accept copies of a driving license for this purpose.
(local adjustments needed for final versions)

Why do you need to send a new Proof of Identity?

A new Proof of Identity is necessary for legal compliance and verification purposes.

How is my personal data protected?

It goes without saying that LYNX treats your personal information as strictly confidential; we only process it for our own administration and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

For more details, click Privacy Statement .